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Horse Riding Accidents Claims

Every year there are a significant number of horse riding accidents that lead to succesful claims. These may involve horse transport equipment (eg trailers), spectators injured at events, accidents due to horses not being controlled properly in a public place (eg the the public highway) and claims for injury when being thrown from a horse if inadequate training has been given.

Of course horses are unpredictable animals and due to their nature accidents will happen. To have a valid claim it will be necessary for you to show that you were owed a duty of care and that that duty of care was breached by another person - usually the rider, owner or person having control of the horse leading to loss or injury to you.



Claims for compensation are not just restricted to accident claims. You may have a valid claim for PPI mis-selling, unfair bank charges or unfair mortgage redemption charges

The advantages of No Win No Fee claims for you

No fees to pay if you don't win

High succes rate

High motivation for the lawyers to succeed