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Claims for You - PPI and other claims

If you had an accident that caused loss or injury outside your own home that was not your fault, then you may have a valid claim for compensation. If this is the case then you may feel it best to get a reputable law firm to make a claim for you. Historically lawyers in the UK have worked on a per hour fee structure rather than no win no fee. The downside for the client in such cases is that if you don't succeed in your claim you may face a considerable legal bill.

It's always wise to look behind the headlines and marketing to find out which company is going to provide the best claims for you service. Don't just jump for the website that claims for you to get the highest success rate or the tv advert that does the best selling job. Do thorough research and don't sign up for anything until you know that you are happy with the people who are going to handle the claims for you and what you will be charged. Make sure you speak to the actual person who will deal with your case. Don't just sign up under pressure from a salesman.




Claims Claims 4 You

Claims for you to get compensation are not just restricted to accident claims.

You may have a valid PPI claim for you being victim of mis-selling, unfair bank charges or unfair mortgage redemption charges

In recent years, the no win no fee claims model that is ubiquitous in the US, has become more popular. With this model, if you do not win your claim then you have no legal fees to pay. The downside is that some injury claims companies and lawyers may be tempted to cherry pick the very best cases. If your case only has a marginal likelihood of success they may not choose to pursue the claim for you. The deadline for PPI claims 4 you is August 29th 2019.

Claims The advantages of No Win No Fee claims for you

No fees to pay if you don't win

High succes rate

High motivation for the lawyers to succeed

Disadvantage - in some cases such as PPI part of your payout goes in fees